Grant Henderson

For those who want things done yesterday.

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Informal education: Hacking/cracking (pre-18 mischief - blue boxing, phreaking, social engineering, disassembly), retail sales (electrical goods)

Formal education: B.Arts [University of Melbourne], B.Engineer [Monash University], B.InfoTech / B.Laws [Queensland University of Technology]. #1 in Computer Science at U of M. Subsequently failed after a dispute with faculty.

Memberships: Torr Society (145+ IQ), Golden Key Honour Society

Industry experience: Reality Enhancement (software consulting), Deloitte Consulting, Coca Cola, Yeo Hiap Seng (Pepsi SE Asia), WebMatchIt (internet advertising), Omega Fusion (warehouse automation)

Ventures (present): RepX (commerce platform), Critical Years (brain development programs for children aged 0-6)

Ventures (past): Community Movie (competitive based movie production - on-hold), Reality Enhancement (custom software & internet hosting), Kripkey (consumer single sign-on - on-hold)

Emerging methods: Organic systems architecture (how 1 smart developer can outcode a thousand), contributor agreements for startups (overcoming the people & performance problems with startups)

Business skills: Business/marketing/financial planning, sales, marketing, strategy, risk management, legal, contracts, patent writing, business formation

Technical skills: Machine code, Z80/68000/x86 assembly language, ladder, functional languages, procedural languages, C, C++, C#, Java, systems architecture, design & analysis, SQL, security, networking, everything computer related. YES - everything! If I don't know it I pick it up extremely quickly. If I were looking for a job, I'd call myself a digital fire fighter - the person you call when the natives set your business ablaze!

Intellectual interests: Game theory (creating games where everyone wins), neuroscience (brain development in children and adults), marketing psychology, quantum mechanics

Personal interests: World travel (40+ countries), film, skydiving (300 jumps), squash, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving and lots of other 's' activities :)

Recommended reading: Blue Ocean Strategy, Priceless: Turning Ordinary Products into Extraordinary Experiences, How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market

Recommended TEDTalks: Sugata Mitra: Build a school in the cloud, Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity, Barry Schwartz: Using our practical wisdom

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